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Falegnameria Tolardo


Via Tetti Aiassa, 70 – 10040 La Loggia (To)
Tel/Fax: +39 011 96.29.711

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Handcraft furniture

bandiera italiana




Borned in 1983 from it's founder's passion for wood and the forms, Woodworkers Tolardo Antonio (manufactured custom furniture) produce furniture for any environment: home, office, shop, hotel, bar, restaurant, caravan, boat.
We work mainly wood. But our laboratory has also a metal carpentry angle for the realization of the metal works. Every piece of the furniture made by us is
unique- a synonymous of the quality as a manufacturer. Quality, then, along to the versatility in developing products tailored to the specific needs of the client, and
reliability in the execution of orders, helps us to stay on the Italian market and pushes us to promote ourselves to the foreign market.
The company's philosophy is, gave to customers, suppliers and employees, the role of key partners inside of it.


One of the main characteristics of the company is the constant attention paid to obtaining quality standards ever higher, through the adoption of modern technology.The careful selection of suppliers and raw materials is
the most important 'device' that helps us to ensure the highest quality expression from the beginning of the product.
The raw materials used are made by leading companies of international repute, able to offer at any time or situation a rapid assistance. Such companies guarantee
the highest quality and consistency, thanks to the certification of its quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001. Nevertheless, all the raw materials entering
the company are also checked and tested before going into production, following strict quality system procedures.


Designing and manufacturing of customized products to specific customer's request. We face the challenge of carefully craft each design,
from the individual to the whole moving furniture from classic style to trendy.
Transportation, installation, assistance (for Italy and Europe)
Other services: thanks to our partnerships we can also moffer you, services for the accomplishments of furniture made of metal or alloy, marble, glass and other materials of new generation.